Not a week goes by without a spotted collapsed mattress somewhere on the side of the road. Nobody wants something so intimate, used up, soft, and unhygienic. But still, they keep appearing. Reason enough for Ernestyna Orlowska to make a piece with them, or more precisely: with mattress foam.


Orlowska rebuilds our everyday life with mattress foam debris, coming from factories and the streets. She creates a mysterious and poetic universe that reminds the viewer of the absurdity of our lifestyle. The objects oscillate between the artificiality of the foam and elements inspired by nature, such as gypsum-covered rocks, a portable earth patch, and crater-like blankets.


The performers are struggling with the chunky shoes on their feet, but nevertheless don’t stop balancing the wigs on their heads, always seeking resonant encounters with the strange, sometimes hostile universe they find themselves in.


CHUNKY is a series of strongly visual and atmospheric pictures that follows its own intuition and logic. It seduces the viewers to immerse themselves in the irrational yet sensual world.


Concept / Artistic Direction:

Ernestyna Orlowska


Performance, Development: Johanna Heusser,

Valentine Paley, Tyra Wigg


Dramaturgy: Thomas Schaupp


Stage / Costumes / Objects:

Ernestyna Orlowska, Vera Trachsel


Stage / Costumes / Objects Assistance:

Konrad Smolen, Maya Hottarek


Engineering: Jonas Probst


Sound Design: Belia Winnewisser.


Light design / Technician: Demian Jakob


Director’s assistant: Lara Morgan


Production Management: Boss & Röhrenbach


Production: Permanent Workation


Co-Production: Dampfzentrale Bern, Roxy Birsfelden