Dusty Chewing Gum From Heaven

Long Durational Performance


Instituto Svizzero Milano in the Exhibition of Renée Levi

Curated by Maria Paola Zedda


Performers: Steven Schoch, Tanja Turpeinen, David Zürcher


Dusty Chewing Gum From Heaven is a long durational performance about fictional spirits of pop culture.

The performers are living sculptures, they look like artifacts of pop culture and become a projection surface for the spirits of this culture to manifest.

Their presence evokes a mystical atmosphere and creates an energetic place that deals with love, peace and hope.

Through singing and movement a visual terminology unfolds, a terminology that is obscure, unlogical and sensual and invites the viewer to dive in.

Renée Levi, Performance Artist, Switzerland, Steven Schoch, Instituto Svizzero Milano


David Zürcher


Tanja Turpeinen 



David Zürcher, Instituto Svizzero, Milano


Ernestyna Orlowska


Ernestyna Orlowska


Mad Max


Ernestyna Orlowska


Ernestyna Orlowska



Performance Artist, Switzerland, Polish Performance Artist
Living Sculpture

Photos: Piero Biasion